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Toyota recall Prius Plus models-Jeep to develop a smaller SUV-The Lexus CT 200h Advance Plus

Toyota have recalled 5,000 Toyota Prius Plus models designed from 2014 and 2015. The recall was issued by Toyota USA so for the moment only American models are affected. There is however a chance that the recalls could also spread across Europe sometime soon. The reason for the recall on the Prius Plus or the Prius V as it is known in the States is due to a problem with the air bag located on the passenger side at the front of the car. When the new airbags were originally calibrated, it is believed that the passengers side was not done correctly which therefore if a crash were to occur, then there is a chance that the passenger airbag may not work in the correct way and may not deploy. If you Prius is affected then Toyota have issued a statement saying they will make all customers aware to which you the must take the car back to the nearest servicing centre where the calibration will be done correctly.


Lexus reveal a special edition CT 200h

Lexus in the past hour have revealed their latest in special edition vehicles with some new bodywork treatment finding its way to the companies CT 200h model. The new addition has been given the name of the CT200h Advance Plus. It will carry no changes to the engine and performance rates but it will however feature new bodywork designs that could very well grab your attention much like it has ours. For the first time, the CT 200h is now offered in a two tone colour scheme, a brand new set of seventeen inch alloys,a new spoiler and Tahara seating is now completely standard with the special edition. If you're more of a gadgets and technology person, the Advance Plus could still prove to be the car for you. A keyless entry system, cruise control and parking sensors located at both the front and the back end of the car also come as standard. So how much is all of this going to cost you?. Well for the sheer amount of new add ons you get with the special edition model, the cost is £1,250 on top of a standard model which comes in at £24,245. Therefore offering great value for money.


Could Jeep be thinking of producing a smaller SUV?

Jeep are looking at changing the styling of their future range including the Cherokee and the Wrangler from the year 2018. Before we reach that stage though, the company have revealed that their could be a possibility for an even smaller SUV than the current Renegade in the future which would sit just below the Renegade in their range. Mike Manley who is the CEO of Jeep was on hand at the Detroit Motor Show last week and stated that the company were keeping a close eye on the competition in the small SUV division. When asked about the potential for one of these vehicles he commented by stating that the sales to come along with small SUV vehicles has been impressive but he sees no reason for the time being why they should develop one. He then later went on to discuss some vehicles in the range with the new Fiat Panda crossover coming up as a strong rival for something that they could produce. It is only early days at this point and signs here could point towards a small SUV for the company but this remains to be confirmed.  

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