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What is SMART Dent and Scratch Insurance?

Thursday 21st February 2013 15:52:33

An everyday hazard of running a car is the cosmetic damage caused by supermarket trolleys, car park bumps, key scratches and stone chips. These, however minor they may be, can be extremely annoying and relatively expensive to repair. They may not justify the cost of being sent to a body repair centre, however even a mobile vehicle paint repairer can cost a reasonable amount to attend to the damage. In recent years we have seen an increase in mobile vehicle bodywork repairers, even some national franchise networks exist.


The development of Small/Medium Area Repair Techniques has seen the numbers of online mobile repairers grow, giving a more cost effective way when compared to a body shop. However, the fact that there is a cost cannot be avoided. If you want to avoid the costs of such repairs then you could consider a SMART Dent and Scratch Repair Insurance policy. These are normally available for a period of 3 or 4 years, and will cover the cost of any minor cosmetic damage repair. So those nasty stone chips, key scratches and trolley dings can be repaired by the cost of one single insurance premium.

How does SMART Insurance from Shortfall work?

SMART Insurance can be an inexpensive way to pay for cosmetic vehicle repairs[/caption] What are the limitations of such a policy? Well SMART Repair, like any other insurance will have terms and conditions. You must not assume that all similar policies will have the same features and exclusions either. Some general areas of interests may include the following: 1 Size of the repair - the area to be repaired must fall into the specified terms within the policy. Some policy terms will provide a template that will show the maximum size of repair that can be covered. Certainly if the damage is something that a mobile vehicle body repairer cannot rectify, then we have never come across a SMART policy that will cover body shop repair bills. 2 Maximum repair aggregate - SMART cover will normally have a maximum value of repairs that can be covered. This can be on an annual basis, or over the full length of the policy term. 3 Any excess to pay - some repair policies will have a level of excess to pay on every repair authorised. It is worth checking this when you compare products. 4 What else is covered - Check what the cover will and will not cover. Some products will, for example, cover the cost of repairs on alloy wheels as well, some will not. As with any insurance product it is important to check the policy terms thoroughly before you make any decision to buy. This is equally valid on a SMART Insurance policy.


Click today or call to find out more about how Scratch and Dent Insurance from Shortfall can protect you?

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