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What is Tyre Insurance and how can it help you?

Wednesday 20th February 2013 19:17:52

Tyre Insurance is one of the newest types of insurance products offered by motor dealers in the last few years. Often the likes of Shortfall Gap Insurance, SMART Dent and Scratch cover and Tyre Insurance are joined together in a form of 'protection pack'. The cost of which can be considerable of course, especially when spread across an interest bearing loan. As with any of the products listed above, the reason behind their popularity is that the costs associated with running a car can be high. Maintenance, in the form of dealer servicing is only one aspect of this. Repairing any cosmetic damage on the vehicle can be covered by a SMART Insurance product, and of course any vehicle loss in an accident or theft can see the depreciation shortfall covered by Gap Insurance.

So what is the role of Tyre Insurance?

Modern cars features many improved styling, safety and convenience features. The modern car wheel can be formed of larger Alloy wheels and low profile tyres. In many cases these tyres are of the 'run flat' variety, and these allow you to drive the vehicle even after you have suffered a puncture. The downside of 'run flats' is that they cannot easily be repaired, so even a puncture will require the tyre to be replaced. Whether you have run flat style tyres or not, the cost of replacing one may now be anywhere from£120 to £400. This is not a prospect that any of us relish.


Shortfall Tyre insurance can cover the cost of replacing tyres with brand new ones or repair where applicable


Tyre Insurance can cover the cost of replacing the tyre with a brand new one, or repair where applicable. This can be done after accidental or malicious damage has been suffered by the tyre, and cover can be taken for a multiple of years, normally up to 4. The cost of such a policy may vary quite widely, depending on where you buy the product. A good online product may set you back less than £300 for 4 years, and this may even represent less than the cost of just one replacement tyre. Tyre Insurance sound a good choice to you?  

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