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Which Shortfall Gap Insurance?

Wednesday 30th January 2013 10:42:33

Which Gap Insurance is best for you?


This is not an easy question to answer because what is the best shortfall Gap Insurance policy for me may be the most inappropriate level of cover for you. This is because we are all different. We all buy different types of vehicles pay for them differently, and expect to keep them for varying numbers of years. At Shortfall we think that this means that the one size fits all dealership mentality may not always be the best way.


So please before you start to look around on the internet, start comparing levels fo gap insurance cover or buy a policy from anyone at any price why not take a step back and think about what exactly you would like your gap insurance policy to do for you if and when your vehicle is written off. After all if you know exactly what will happen and how your policy will perform there can never be any nasty surprises. So ask your self a few questions before you start considering levels of protection and this will save you a lot of time later.

  1. When do you want your gap insurance policy to start? Straight away or perhaps at the end of a motor insurance companies ne for old style cover?
  2. Which aspect of cover is the most important to you? Do you want your policy to simply clear your outstanding finance obligation? Protect the invoice price or perhaps the replacement cost?
  3. How long do you plan to keep your car? Dont forget that while many gap insurance policies are transferable they are not renewable.

So now you know what you want your gap insurance policy to do and you also know how long you want to protect yourself for and even when you would like it to start you are ready to start to compare levels of gap insurance on-line.

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