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A number of cars are set to make their way onto our streets very soon and some have previously gone on sale. In our post today we are taking a look into some of the biggest and most exciting news stories regarding some of these vehicles and taking an in depth look into the performance rates,gadgets and technical features that each individual car packs. We have featured four manufacturers in our round-up today including Audi,Ferrari and McLaren. First up on the agenda though is the news of a vehicle that is set to come on sale from the Summer time of next year and it comes to us courtesy of German manufacturer Mercedes.


Over the past hour, the news has broken that Mercedes Benz will launch their brand new GLE 63 AMG Coupe model next Summer here in the UK. There are to be a range of different levels available for the motor with its highest trim focusing on some strong power that could give the likes of the X6 from BMW a run for its money. Although BMW are yet to reveal this information themselves, it is speculated that this car will be made visible to the public for the first time ever at the New York Auto Show which occurs from next April. Although it may not be recognised yet, the car has been on display once before but just not in this format. Our first taster came from the Bejing motor show last April but it was in the form of an SUV and looks slightly different now that it has entered production. A quad set of AMG exhausts,revised front and back bumpers and larger front air intakes are some of the highlights which have caught a lot of attention from leaked images of the car. A selection of petrol engines are to be put on sale with the GLE 63 with the three litre, V6 that was shown on the cars previous concept model expected to be carried over. A nine speed,automatic transmission system will also be found on the vehicle. We look forward to seeing more of the GLE 63 AMG Coupe next April.


The Ferrari Sergio is revealed

Italian manufacturer Ferrari who are very well known for Enzo and California models have made history once more over this past weekend. The company have officially displayed their brand new Sergio model for the very first time to the general public with the big news here being that the car will be ultra rare and will only have a total of six units available around the world. The history maker for the firm though is that already, all six units of the car have been bought by customers from around the world. Ferrari have teamed up with a design company Pininfarina to make the Sergio and has been designed in order to celebrate sixty years of partnership between the two companies. Design highlights such as a two tone paint scheme,Red and Black interior and a flat bottomed steering wheel are just some of the features that have been worked upon by the two firms. The car will adopt some similar features to that of the 458 Spider. The windscreen,indicators and door mirrors are just some of the familiar sights of the 458. It has been confirmed that a 4.5 litre,V8 engine finds its place inside of the car delivering an impressive power rate of 597bhp. All versions of the car have been grabbed by customers already with five of them awaiting delivery.


McLarens Sports Series is spied testing

Ahead of its grand arrival on British roads from 2015, the McLaren Sports Series previously known under the name of the P13 has been spotted performing tests on public roads. The vehicle that was sighted was just a prototype version of the car and was disguised under a heavy amount of camouflage. Many features of the car are shared with that of the companies P1 model that was released in October of last year. Similar styling such as the long swooping bonnet are clearly a match but we have noticed that some pieces of equipment have however received some alterations. One of these big changes is that the exhaust pipes for the Sports Series can be found lower down in the rear bumpers and the vents in the doors too. McLaren's models are well know for being of a high standard of power and the Sports Series is certainly expected to deliver upon this expectation once more. A V8 engine carrying a 3.8 litre capacity and delivering and output of 450 brake horse power have been confirmed for the car. The British brand had previously released an image of the car via their official Facebook page and in comparison to the disguised prototype that was pictured, much of the styling features seem to be much of the same. So expect the car to keep onto these features at its time of release. The Sports Series will become available from the Spring time of next year. A cost of around the £120,000 area will also make its way with the Sports Series.


Audi introduce a lightly revised A1 for the 2015 year

Amongst new vehicle launches, next year is also set to provide the platform for some new revisions to models currently in production. One of the vehicles that is all set to receive this privilege comes to us from Audi and is the A1. The A1 has been in production for four years now and has seen many variants of the vehicle go on sale over the duration of this time. Now though the mass manufacture have decided to give the vehicle a new lease of life with some new features for you to sink your teeth into. One of the biggest changes to be found in this new addition though is the engine range. There is the new one litre engine which directly replaces the older 1.2 TFSI unit found in past additions. A 1.4 and a 1.6 litre range of engines are also to be found in this new revised model. We expect that the 1.0 litre model will be one of the more popular choices amongst customers due to the fact that with the engine being so light and fairly steady with 94 units of brake horse power, this version of the A1 comes to you completely tax free. Much in the same ways as before, both five and six speed manual transmission systems are standard but the firm are now offering customers with a seven speed,dual clutch,automatic transmission unlike before. A newly designed grille and bumper alterations are just some of the visible features with the new A1. Keep an eye out for this revision to the A1 arriving in 2015.


Audi make history with the RS7 Piloted Drive concept

The German firm return to our round-up today by making history in the car industry. You may have heard recently about driverless vehicles testing like the driver free Google car and a future Land Rover driverless vehicle. Testing on these vehicles will begin from the beginning of next year and will be completed by Jaguar-Land Rover. Today though we take a look into a similar piece of machinery but rather than not having a driver, the vehicle will have a driver at the wheel but the wheel is to control itself. That's right, Audi have been working on the new RS7 Piloted Driving concept model. This vehicle has been sighted testing around the track already. With the car being just a concept at this stage in time, we are under no impression that the RS7 concept is to be a vehicle that will go on sale anytime soon. Audi have outlined in their plans that they hope to have this kind of vehicle on the road by at least the year 2020 and it is expected that the car would be able to do on its own, everything that a driver can control the vehicle to do. Some excellent technology comes into play with the RS7 concept. So how does it all work?. A computer is located inside of the boot of the car which recognised when to accelerate and brake and at what speeds. In order to establish the vehicles position on the road, the Piloted model uses GPS systems and cameras in order to match up to its correct location. Audi are definitely making history with this model and with the introductions of driverless technology coming into play from next year, will this urge Audi even more to make these style of motors a popular choice in the future?.


The Mercedes Benz B Class is now available to order

We started off our post today with a big story from Mercedes Benz regarding a future vehicle launch for them. We today end our round-up with another future launch for the company. The arrival of the all new electric driving B Class model is coming closer and closer. The car will go on sale from early into the course of next year and has been confirmed to come in two different variations with one being the 'Electric Art' model and the other coming in the form of the sport trim. There are three main competitors that the Mercedes Benz B Class have its sights on and these are the new Kia Soul EV, the Nissan Leaf and the BMW I3. The exciting news here though is that the B Class is capable of reaching 142 miles from a full charge which is beating the Kia Soul EV by ten extra miles. Both the 'Sport' and 'Electric Arts' will receive different pieces of equipment with the 'Sport' offering features such as seventeen inch alloy wheels,climate control, cruise control and a reversing camera. The 'Electric art' trim however delivers upon eighteen inch alloys,new colours for the radiator grilles,aluminium inserts and Blue stitching for the seating in the car. You can own the entry level Sport trim model for a cost of £26,950 but if you choose to opt for the higher 'Electric Art' model, expect to spend a cost of £27,245.