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Mercedes confirm that an all electric B Class is on the way

German car brand Mercedes have officially confirmed that a brand new all electric B Class model is on the way and it will make its presence felt on our roads from 2015. The electric vehicle market is certainly increasing on a monthly basis and we have seen companies such as Toyota prove to be the most successful with one of the first electric vehicles on the road which came in the form of the Prius.


The hybrid market is one of the more sought after divisions now though with nearly every manufacturer offering one of these vehicles as a part of their line up. Can Mercedes change all of that around though and help bring more interest into the all electric market without the use of an engine unit? With what we know about the B Class so far and some of its brand new features, we certainly believe that the vehicle could have the potential to do this indeed.


What can you expect from the new all electric B Class model?

So regarding some of these features that we are referring to, it has been confirmed by the mass manufacturer that they are all set to include a asynchronous electric motor which will put out a great brake horse power rate of 179bhp. A single speed,automatic transmission will also come along for the journey. With both the motor and the transmission system taken into consideration, we see that the vehicle will be capable of taking that leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a good steady time of only 7.9 seconds therefore allowing the car to progress on to a top speed limit of 99 miles per hour. The car has also been confirmed to benefit from three separate driving modes which will include Economy,Economy plus and Sport mode. The differences between the modes is that Economy will only deliver 131 bhp,Economy plus at 87bhp and finally the Sport mode gives the car the full deliverance of 179bhp.


The look and design aspect of the vehicle has not changed too much compared to that of the standard B Class model. The riding height of the vehicle has however been altered which means that the car now comes in at 40mm higher at the front of the vehicle and 43mm higher at the back. A brand new set of 18 inch alloy wheels have also been thrown into the mix. Inside the vehicle has received some great changes however which include an eight inch touch screen which displays information about the brand new power train amongst other features. Both the dashboard and the seats are now also made out of Artico leather.


How much will Mercedes put the B Class electric model on sale for?

An exact release date for the vehicle is yet to be confirmed by the German car firm but we do know that it will arrive on our roads from sometime throughout 2015. Regarding the cost of this new all electric vehicle, a purchase price of £27,000 has been confirmed for the car.  

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