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A history of the Fiat Panda and the new crossover

The Panda is a vehicle produced by Italian company Fiat. The very first version of the car went into production thirty five years ago and ever since this time it has been a keen seller for the company. After celebrating sixteen years on the road, production of the Panda was gradually phased out of the UK market from 1996. It was not until 2003 that the second generation of the car was put on sale and the third generation followed back in 2011. Now the legacy of the car is still continuing but over the years it has taken many different forms from the Trekking model,a 4x4 and a crossover vehicle which is the car that we will focus our attention on today. Much like we have seen the design structure of the car change over the years, we have also seen the car receive new technology and safety features that have put it more in the running for the number one crossover vehicle on the road today. So lets take a look into the latest cross and see what special features the car contains.


The Fiat Panda Cross of 2014

Fiat are offering a little something for everyone with this new model by offering it in both petrol and diesel form. The popular multi jet engine range found in their 500 models is an option as a diesel variant carrying 1.3 litres. The petrol has a capacity of 0.9 litres. The petrol has proven to be the popular seller since the cars launch last year though with big thanks to it being turbocharged. Both variations operate on a four wheel drive platform and are paired to standard six speed gearboxes. The crossover has been focused heavily on off road conditions with the front bumper being pretty much replaced with a skid plate instead of the bumper using a chrome finish. Inside of the car sees a sat nav system built in,a multi functioning steering wheel and a light brown colour design for the dashboard which is matched by Brown door sills. The latest crossover has done well sales wise and continues to be a strong match when it comes to comparing it with the likes of the SX4 and the Juke from Nissan.


How much do both the diesel and petrol versions cost?

You will be pleased to know that there is not much difference between the price of either the diesel or petrol versions. The petrol model is on sale kicking off with a cost of £15,945 and the diesel version of the Panda Cross can be purchased from an opening price of just £1,000 more expensive coming in at £16,945.  

Two Blue Fiat Panda models

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