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The Suzuki SX4 S Cross is receiving some brand new changes

Some brand new changes and a replacement trim are all set to take affect with Suzuki's sx4 s cross model which take affect from now. The SX4 is a vehicle that has been in production ever since the year 2006 with the second generation model going on sale just last year. The second generation of the model was named the S Cross and has certainly proven to be a good seller for the mass manufacturer here on the streets of the UK and around other markets world wide too. Suzuki are well know for designing some of the finest city cars on the market and what better way to demonstrate this point by thinking of the Swift.


With the step on technological advancements being improved by each month that passes, manufacturers these days are looking to throw in some new features with their good selling models and this Japanese brand are certainly no different as a brand new trim is introduced to the SX4 S-Cross.


The brand new changes to take affect with the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

So now with a look into some of these brand new changes that find a place into this addition to the range, we see that this vehicle officially receives a brand new trim level which is now known under the name of the SZ-T.


This trim officially replaces the older SZ4 level. Both petrol and diesel engine units are made available with the S Cross and this new trim addition also welcomes in some brand new added pieces of kit that have not been seen on the S Cross previously. CVT transmission systems have been confirmed to be on offer with the trim as is the option of a four wheel drive petrol platform. The petrol units have seen a slight increase on price where as the diesel unit has decreased.


We think that it is the new added equipment to come along with the car that make it worth thinking about buying though as the company for the new SZ-T trim level have welcomed in seventeen inch alloy wheels, a DAB radio,Bluetooth connectivity, a rear parking camera, dual zone climate control and a sat nav system too. Models such as the SX4 are on the rise in the car industry on a global scale. Similar vehicles involved in this rise include the Skoda Yeti and the Qashqai from Nissan which has been one of the biggest selling SUV models over the past number of years. So can these changes made to the S Cross help to keep it current and fresh against these heated sources of competition?


How are the price ranges looking after the change?

As we stated the petrol models have seen an increase in price by Suzuki as they now come £500 more expensive than the previous addition to the line up. Prices for the diesel models have also been dropped by £250.

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