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A new Kia Ceed- Toyota Aygo soft top option-Maserati in 2014

The Toyota brand have today made an announcement concerning their Aygo X Wave model which they have confirmed to be receiving a new drop top option. Toyota have announced that the vehicle is only made available for the range topping Aygo X Wave model and is now available as an optional extra from the firm. This optional extra from Toyota is on sale now and is available for the x-pression trim level only.


The all new Kia Ceed is spotted testing

Korean manufacturer Kia are hard at work on developing a brand new Ceed addition for the road and the vehicle has been seen out and about undergoing tests. The new model is essentially a facelifted version of the current Ceed and will see changes made to the bodywork and to the engine inside of the vehicle also. The car was seen out on public roads in the snowy conditions surrounded by black covering hiding some of the new features that the firm plan to bring to the table. A brand new design for the back end of the car and a set of revamped bumpers at the back are the ending result in what seems to be a mid-life refresh.


The big news here however is the potential additions of added engines into the car. There could be a range of new turbocharged petrol engines coming into the car much like they have done with other revisions made to Kia cars this month. A 1.4 litre and a 1.6 litre unit are now being offered amongst some of the vehicles siblings so with other models being revised, there is a possibility that the Ceed could also receive some adjustments in the same way. There is no information available as of yet concerning how much the car will cost or when it will go on sale but we expect to see it land within the next year.


Maserati and their huge 2014 year of sales

We all know Maserati for being one of the worlds most luxurious sports car designers. They offer vehicles which although take a jump in price, offer a vast amount of power and all round precision handling. With the reputation that the company have, it is no surprise that they continue to sell more and more vehicles than ever before and that is what 2014 brought to the firm. The big figure here is that for last year alone, the company sold a grand total of 36,500 units of their vehicles meaning that the company have done well over a 130 percent rise in sales compared to that of the previous year. The best selling vehicles that Maserati had on offer here in the UK was the Ghibli and the Quattroporte with 6,360 of the total figure being purchased by customers in the UK.  

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