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A recall is issued for the Mercedes C Class

Today it has been revealed by the Mercedes brand that they are issuing recalls on over eight thousand C Class models on the road right now. This comes after recall news from Ford and Vauxhall over faulty steering systems and a similar issue with the steering of the car is just what is causing the recall this time also.


The recall will officially affect both saloon and estate variants of the car and the recall affects its C Class models all around the world aswell as here in the United Kingdom and on other European markets. A total of 8,145 models from the United Kingdom are affected by this recall. Many other countries have also been affected by the recall which include Germany who have already issued the recall of 28,000 C Class models. 10,500 vehicles have also been affected in America.


Why has a recall been placed on the C Class?

The official problem to come along with the car is that the steering mechanism of the vehicle is said to be affected. The miss installation of a steering column coupling lock is said to be the cause of the fault. It has been stated that you can often tell of potential problems with the coupling lock by a different sound to what your used to coming from the engine but in even more dangerous circumstances the steering of the car could also be affected.


The recall has been issued by the vehicle and operator services agency and have confirmed this via their website. It has been stated that C Class models produced between the 17th of January and the 22nd of September of this year are affected by the recall. This would mean that if you have recently purchased a brand new C class saloon or estate your vehicle could very well be in the category of recalled models.


How dangerous is this problem with the Mercedes C Class?

Until owners of the vehicles can have them checked out, it has been stated that the car will be safe to drive up until then. Customers are told that the check on the fault in their car would take roughly around thirty minutes. It has been stated that dealers of the C Class models affected will contact the owners to arrange the fix and check on the car. It is not often that we hear of recalls on Mercedes vehicles so this may come as a surprise to some.


With the issue not sounding very urgent and drivers ensured they can still drive the vehicle at this moment we cant see how this would affect future business on sales for the C Class in the future.  

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