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Alfa Romeo Mito 2014

New Alfa Romeo Mito


The Alfa Romeo brand has been undergoing somewhat of a re generation as owners Fiat look to return the brand back to the heights previous achieved by the brand.


Fiat have been one of the many manufacturers to have struggled for sales during a difficult spell in the European car market in the last number of years and have highlighted the Alfa Romeo brand as a possible route to sales.


The Fiat brand stated that by pushing the Alfa brand in the US and expanding the range of models on offer within the US, sales could only increase. The Italian mass market manufacturer have also used the 500 model as the centre piece of the whole range and have toyed with building their own budget brand.


The new Alfa Romeo Mito model is part of Fiats operation to expand and renew the prestigious brand. The new model has received a cosmetic makeover along with a number of technological updates. The original model first joined the market in 2008 and has experienced a number of updates since then.


The latest update will see the model fitted with a 875cc engine that has the ability to produce 103bhp. The model will now reach 0-62 in 11.4 seconds. Alfa have introduced a new multimedia system within the car.


Fiat have been rivalled by technological success at the likes of Ford and Nissan in the past two years and have struggled with the Fiat 500 due to the success of the Vauxhall Adam.


The Vauxhall Adam model has been one of the award winning cars in the past 12 months or so, as the styling of the model helps define the Vauxhall brand. Fiat hope that the Alfa Romeo brand will once again increase the demand and sit at the top of some of the worlds biggest car markets.

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