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Audi display their brand new TT Sportback concept in Paris

Over the course of the past few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation on a certain TT variant from the German manufacturer Audi. The brand released an image of a design of a vehicle which is marketed under the name of the TT Sportback and today live from the Paris motor show, the manufacturer has officially revealed the brand new concept idea to the public alongside its new TT Roadster model. The TT line up in 2014 marks the companies third generation of the range and with the Coupe announced earlier to some great feedback and the same for the new Roadster we believe there is a great chance that this new Sportback concept will also make it onto our roads in the future.


All of the information revealed on the TT Sportback concept

Well firstly the concept design is a five door stretched version of the original TT model. The vehicle is much wider and longer than the standard TT model and is 290mm longer than the hatchback and 60mm wider. Audi have also officially confirmed some changes to the exterior design and engine that would come fitted to the car if it is indeed to see the production line. The grille at the front end of the car has been made hexagonal and is a lot wider as expected. The bumper located at the front end of the car has also been lowered and the headlights on the car have also been completely revamped. A new smaller,sloping windscreen at the rear of the car has also been included this time around as have the slimmer tail lights.


Looking into the interior of the car, this can be reached after opening the new frameless doors that are fitted to the Sportback concept, we can see that the changes made compared to the standard hatchback are quite slim as the same 12.3 inch screen and digital control panel are included. A change has been however made to the rear end of the car which now comes with now comes with two rear seats that are separated by a new arm rest.


The main centre of attention with the TT Sportback concept though is the newly fitted 2.0 litre,four cylinder TFSI unit which will see a power deliverance of 394bhp. A seven speed dual clutch,S tronic transmission system has also been confirmed to come along as part of the package which helps the concept machine to send 450NM of Torque to all four wheels.


Is the production line in the future of the TT Sportback concept?

It is unclear as of yet as to whether or not the vehicle will be produced and sold in the future or even a price tag that would join it. The vehicle received a good response from fans when it was revealed in Paris earlier on today and with what we know about the car so far, it would definitely be a key interest on the car market if it were to go on sale.  

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