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BMW 2 Series convertible prices-Ford Focus RS in Geneva-Fiat 500 Vintage '57'

BMW have confirmed some news for their brand new 2 Series convertible model which includes the price tags to come along with the new range and the engine range to come along with the new car. The vehicle is available to order from your local BMW dealership right now here in the United Kingdom and petrol is very much expected to be the favourite choice with three particular petrol engines on offer and just the one diesel option. The engines have been confirmed to be two litre turbocharged setups but a three litre setup also being turbocharged will also be included in the mix and it is to be the most powerful engine that BMW offer with the car giving out 326 brake horse power. As you would expect both 220i and 220d models are available both coming in the Sport trim. BMW will also offer the 2 Series convertible in 228i M Sport models and the M235i convertible. Prices come in from £29,180 for the entry level 220i Sport models. A cost of £31,550 comes for the 228i M Sport. The M235i is available for £37,710. The 220d Sport convertible can be purchased for a cost of £29,965.


The Fiat 500 Vintage '57'

Italian firm Fiat have revealed the Vintage '57' version of the 500 model that they will be bringing to Geneva Switzerland next week. The vehicle has been designed with the idea of making the car as vintage looking as possible and we think that the brand have done quite a good job of this. Engine ranges remain unchanged which means that underneath the bonnet you can still expect to find the options of a 0.9 litre Twin air engine,the 1.2 and the 1.3 litre Multijet engine. Power ranges from 65 brake horse power to 105bhp. The big additions that give this 500 model that retro look and feel though are the changes which have been made both inside and outside of the car. With a view from the outside to get us underway,a new White roof has been added to the car and Fiat have confirmed that only Pastel colour jobs are up for grabs with the Vintage '57'. A newly fitted spoiler and sixteen inch alloy wheels with a classic look and finish have also been brought into the mix. Inside of the cabin we see a new White dashboard. Throw in some tanned leather seating and the 500 logo stitched into the seats and the 500 Vintage does its job very well. The news has been confirmed that the Vintage '57' model will go on sale from this coming April and prices will get underway from £16,000.


The Ford Focus RS confirmed for Geneva

A number of weeks ago American firm Ford officially confirmed that they would be producing a brand new RS addition of their very popular Focus range. This week though we have received even more exciting news from the brand that the cars first official public debut will come from the Geneva Motor Show next week. The brand also confirmed that for the first time in history, this particular RS addition will be offered across countries on a world wide scale. As we all know, RS models are designed to be high performance versions of some of the best selling hatchback vehicles that Ford have on offer. The new Focus in that respect does its job very well. Thanks to the Ecoboost turbocharged engine carrying 2.3 litres of fuel,a figure of 320 brake horse power has been confirmed for the new car. Price and launch information still remains on the quiet for the time being but we would expect an announcement when the car debuts in one weeks time.  

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