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BMW M7 rumored- Audi R8 2016 pricing-Renault Clio RS Trophy begin sales

We are all aware of the hype and anticipation surrounding the launch of the new R8 addition from Audi. The new model badged as a 2016 vehicle is one of the most hotly anticipated sports vehicles set to go on sale over the course of the next year. If this is however a particular car you are looking forward to driving then you may want to get your orders in early. We can confirm that today, order books on the brand new R8 range have officially opened and the prices for the car in Germany have been announced. All European orders are now open and in Germany a starting price has been announced for the standard R8 V10 model of 165,000 Euros which converts to around £119,000. However if the R8 V10 Plus model is more your cup of tea then a UK price of close to the £135,662 figure is on the table. The difference between the two models is the power and speeds with the V10 plus giving out 602bhp with 205 miles per hour being put out making this the quickest production model Audi has ever created. The standard V10 isn't far behind though with 201 mph resulting in the top performance. Audi did confirm that both models use quattro driving technology and an S tronic transmission carrying seven speeds is also offered with both models. The R8 and R8 Plus 2016 could be set to be car of the year candidates so register your interest with your local Audi dealer now.


Are BMW planning a new M7 model?

Rumours are circulating amongst car fans around the world which suggests that BMW could very well be toying with the idea of creating a new M7 model in the future. It goes without saying that the M range from the company is one of the most popular choices around the world when it comes to a sporty and powerful performing car. It is safe to say that the addition of a new M7 could very well make the range even bigger than it already is. Reports are suggesting that a new M7 could go head to head with some of the more powerful S Class models from rivals Mercedes Benz. No more is known about the car though and no truth to the news has been revealed by the German car firm. If it is true, we may not hear anything for a while but we hope for some truth to these rumours to be brought to the table sooner rather than later.


Sales of the Renault Clio RS Trophy get underway

In the Renault brands home country of France, the sales of the firms brand new Clio RS 220 Trophy model have gotten underway and the firm have brought along the news that a purchase price of 28,900 Euros is attached to the car. This means that when sales in the UK get underway, we can expect to hand over around £20,927 for the new hot hatchback. Renault are playing their big cards with the RS 220 Trophy by offering some great kit such as heated leather seating, a leather steering wheel and carbon designed air conditioning vents. The big focal point though is on the cars power which is given out at 220bhp thanks to the turbocharged engine carrying 1.6 litres of fuel that can be found underneath the bonnet of the car. The new RS 220 Trophy model could very well carry the Clio range to the next level for Renault and we are looking forward to seeing just how well the car does here in Britain especially with the reasonable price tag that it comes along with.  

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