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BMW 'Xcite' production-Jaguar and Smart models receive tuning

Reports coming in are suggesting that BMW are currently in the process of developing a brand new model which is said to be around the same size as the Nissan Juke and could very well go head to head with the vehicle if it is to see a launch. The model from BMW is rumoured to have been given the name of the 'Xcite'. No confirmation has been made on this from the company themselves as of yet but we can expect the new model to come in the form of either a three door design or a five door carrying a full turbocharged range of engines. No information has been revealed which shows the capacity of these engines or whether they will be petrol, diesel or a mix of both or even a hybrid addition. Judging by reports stating that it will be the same size as the Juke from Nissan, we are highly expecting the 'Xcite' to be a new SUV addition to the companies ever growing range. This would mean potential for the car to sit either over or under the companies X1. As soon as we have more information on the new 'Xcite' we will keep you informed.


Expect a sporty Jaguar F Type in Geneva

That's right you heard correctly. Reports are suggesting that at the Geneva Motor Show which gets underway from next week, we could be all set to see the addition of a more sportier version of the F Type from British manufacturer Jaguar. The word is that tuning company Startech are to add some of their unique design features to the popular vehicle but for the moment they are keeping very tight mouthed about what these big changes are set to be. Judging by the history of Startech updating cars, we know to expect a new design style for the car which could see anything from carbon fibre components to new alloy wheel designs. An all new rear diffuser and a new spoiler have however been revealed due to the image that has been shown of the new updated model in a White colour option viewing the rear end of the car. Brand new changes to the cabin of the car can also be expected which would see new leather additions coming into play. There is however no word on with Startech are going to make adjustments to the technical side of things are the new changes will just be purely decoration. The updated F Type will be displayed in Geneva Switzerland.


The Smart Fortwo receiving sporty treatment

Jaguar are not the only brand represented by a tuning company in Geneva, it has also been revealed that Smart will undertake some similar changes to their Fortwo model which with the changes included has been given the name of the Fortwo CK10. Brand new changes are to be brought to the car across many areas with the work being completed by the Carlsson tuning company. Changes added to the outside of the car will consist of both a front and back spoiler,new seventeen inch alloy wheels and new quad exhaust pipes will also find their place in the Fortwo CK10. Inside of the cabin receives new leather/Alcantara materials which will span across areas such as the steering wheel, dashboard and gearstick. Customers will also have options when it comes to customising other areas of their interior cabin which include new material inserts. These changes will come as standard to the new Fortwo CK10 but optional extras have also been confirmed to find their place in the car which include aluminium options which include the cars pedals and gearstick.  

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