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European car sales rise by 5.8 percent

Some news today regarding European car markets. It has been revealed recently that sales on new vehicles in European countries has risen by a total of 5.8 percent over the course of the first six months of 2014 compared to that of 2013.


This was revealed by company Jato dynamics who also revealed that sales have grown by 4.3 percent in the month of June alone which makes ten consecutive months on end European car sales have risen. The top countries for European sales consist of France,Italy,Germany,Spain and right here in the UK. With the top selling model on European markets being the Golf model from German brand Volkswagen. The Fiesta from Ford rolls in as the second biggest of 2014.



The statistics regarding European sales


Jato dynamics confirmed that a 14.2 percent growth has occurred for the Volkswagen Golf in regards to year to month sales percentages. The first six months of this year have seen a vehicle selling increase of 120,000 vehicles compared to that of last year.


The vice president of research for Jato dynamics has stated that “year to date growth of 5.8 percent and ten consecutive months of sales increases are fantastic achievements in the current economic climate. These trends suggest that the industry has ever chance of extending this level of performance for the remainder of 2014”.


Twenty four of the thirty countries that were researched have increased sales rates on cars compared to that of last year which is a good sign for Europe.


In a telling piece of information, all of the top ten car manufacturers in Europe increased sales over the course of the last year.


Will the momentum continue on European markets?


So will these great increasing sales continue to strike European markets into the future of our new car industry? This year alone we see that the car industry has many brand new models to offer from lots of different brands including Nissan and Audi amongst many more so if these do well also on European markets, our new car industry could very well be set for even bigger sales figures for at least another year or two.  

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