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Ex Ferrari designer reveals the all new Kode 9 vehicle

In some exciting news today to make its way out of the sports car world, we are pleased to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official reveal of a brand sports car machine that has been designed by ex Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama and could very well be set to take the world by storm and cause a big impact on the future of our car industry not just here in the UK but around other various parts of the world too.


The model itself overall is based on the Lotus Elise in regards to the overall layout and body work that has been done to the car during its time on the production line. It also shares some similar features that are also used on Jaguar vehicles in this day and age too.


Why should you make the investment into the all new Kode 9?

So with this in mind, we do believe that this model is a great all round,performing,sports machine due to the fact that Ken Okuyama has designed the vehicle itself and knows what goes into a good sports vehicle. So with that being said, what is it that has gone into this brand new Kode 9 vehicle to make it stand out above all competition from rival companies such as Lamborghini and Porsche?


Well firstly we see the welcome additions of a 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo charged engine that overall produces power of 345 brake horsepower and will therefore go from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds flat. The most overall telling figure though is that the top speed of this model hits out at around 175 miles per hour. The model is only available in a rear wheel drive format but does also come completely fully fitted with a manual, six speed transmission system.


In regards to the exterior of the car and what you can expect to be thrown in with the purchase of the Kode 9, you can expect an aliminium chassis and an all carbon fibre roof to help increase agility and performance all round of the car itself. The vehicle comes with red leather upholstery on the seating and the steering wheel and, the model has a large sloping bonnet too.


How much will the Kode 9 set you back?


With all of these features thrown in and the overall performance specs of the car in mind, it is no surprise that this model comes with a bit of a heft price tag which we see come your way at a cost of £145,000. But in some more positive news, we are pleased to confirm that you can officially make the investment into a brand new Kode 9 machine right now from your nearest dealership with the vehicle on offer.

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