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Ferrari deliver all with the new 488 GTB

Italian sports car designer Ferrari have made a huge impact at the Geneva Motor Show today, the company have officially revealed their brand new replacement model for the 458 Speciale vehicle which is the new 488 GTB. We have heard rumours as to just what the Italian's may do this new model in the future but today we have the confirmation on the range of specifications and power that the new model will give out. It is clear from the outset that the brand have included some design styling from that of the LaFerrari model and who can blame them, the LaFerrari has proven to be a key fixture for them. Carrying the traditional Ferrari Red paint design and familiar styling, we see of no reason as to why the 488 GTB will not succeed especially with the range of features and power rates that have also been announced.


What can you expect to get your hands on with a new 488 GTB?

So given the list of specifications that were confirmed this afternoon, we are going to begin with one of our personal highlights which is the engine. A brand new twin turbocharged V8 sized engine will find its place inside of the 488 GTB and a whopping 661 brake horse power will be delivered by the engine. This means a climb of 99bhp compared to the 458 it replaces. The components shared with the LaFerrari model can be seen with a view of the front end of the car. Vertical designed headlights and a car width size air vent at the bottom of the vehicle show that resemblance. A big difference compared to the 458 is that one exhaust from the three has been removed completely now resulting in the two pipes at the back.


With a new model also comes along brand new technology features and gadgets which Ferrari have been very generous with this time around. Bucket style seating is just one of the interior highlights you may have expected to find anyway. Stability control, an electronic differential and a brand new system which helps the car to drift more easily has also been included for the 488 GTB. There is no doubt about it, this is a great looking car but is also set to perform even better. It is sad to see the end of the 458 Speciale but when it is being replaced with the 488 we still cant help but get excited about this brand new addition to the Italian firms family.


Ferrari 488 GTB rivals

The Lamborghini Gallardo and the Porsche 911 GT3 range were seen as big competition for the 458 Speciale but now with the 488 GTB replacing it and receiving a significant boost in power, maybe it is time we cast our attention more towards the likes of McLaren for some new competition for the new addition.  

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