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Fiat fans urged to stay away from the 500 e model

Customers have been urged away from the California-only Fiat 500e city car by CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne. The boss of the Fiat Chrysler company has detailed a very interesting new business plan, which is one that contradicts the recent announcement that he made of a huge five year expansion strategy for the company. The new proposed business plan involves the Fiat 500e electric car and rather than Sergio Marchionne trying to pitch it as an efficient alternative to the standard city car to prospective customers, he is actually asking them not to buy the model.


Why should fans stay away from the Fiat 500 e?

Sergio Marchionne spoke recently at a conference in the capital of the United States, Washington D.C and presented what could only be described as a brutally honest warning. He said that if anyone is considering buying a Fiat 500e then he hopes that they do not buy it, because everytime the company sells one, it costs him $14,000.


That amounts equals to around £8,300 for each car, which is probably raising questions in your mind as to why the company bothers to make the Fiat 500e electric vehicle in the first place, even if the benefits included are 111 brake horsepower and a range of up to 87 miles after just one single charge which could very well prove to be an ideal rival for other EV models from the likes of Nissan, BMW and Toyota. Well it actually comes down to the zero emissions policy in California for vehicles, along with the federal fuel efficiency expectations, which has left the car manufacturer with no other alternative if it wants to carry on trading in the West Coast state.


Is there a future for the Fiat 500 e?

Fortunately for Sergio Marchionne, the rules at the moment mean that Fiat only has to sell the Fuat 500e in the state of California at present, though with governments across the globe constantly looking at ways to cut the impact of the car, there will probably be a few more electric vehicle issued for the italian car giant before long. It is a strange thing to see a CEO of a huge global car manufacturer asking customers not to purchase a car that they build, though maybe the reasons are now a little more clear.

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