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Honda launch the brand new Civic Black model

In some of the latest incoming news today to make it's way out of the Japanese motorbike and car firm Honda, we are pleased to report on the official launch of a brand new addition to the Civic line up which comes your way in the form of the Civic Black model.


The Honda company have dominated the motorbike market in recent years and with the addition of the Civic, the brand have made an impact on both the new and used car markets also. This all new addition to the line up which has officially gone on sale across the world sadly does not carry much change from that of the previous model but it does as guessed come in an all Black paint scheme. Some new features come over to the Black edition but not a lot by any means.


What change does the Honda Civic Black edition carry?

So what features have been changed for this particular model. Well to answer that question in an easy manner we see three main focus points for the Black edition. Main change number one consists of the Black paint scheme that comes along with this model. Number two is the Black front and side skirting. Last but not least is the all new Black roof spoiler. Engine and performance wise remains exactly the same as the previous model and this comes in the shape of a 1.6 litre,Dtec diesel engine and 1.8 litre petrol variant.


With not a lot of change making it's way to the Black edition is it worth you changing your current Civic for a Black edition..well if your prefer the Black paint scheme then possibly yes. If you're not a current Civic owner and would like to be this could be perfect for you. In the past the Civic has proven to be a healthy source of competition for the likes of the Skoda Octavia and the Seat Leon and without a doubt in our minds this new model will prove to be much of the same.


Payment options for the Honda Civic Black edition

Honda have announced that the Black edition Civic is available on a finance option and with that being said, we see the 1.6 litre diesel variant made available from £239 per month whereas the petrol variant is available from just £249 a month.  

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