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Honda unveil the Concept B Coupe

Honda Concept B


Honda have unveiled a new Concept B Coupe model at the recent Beijing Motor Show along with a plan to introduce the model to the Chinese car market. The Chinese market has become one of the most prestigious and targeted markets in the automotive industry.


The emerging market has been the biggest contributor to sales in the last 12 months as more and more manufacturers target the growing market. During the difficult time in the European car market, manufacturers who had expanded into the Chinese car market were the manufacturers who kept their heads above the water and continued to increase sales.


Manufacturers such as Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat all insisted that the lack of success during the demise of the European economy was down to the need for homegrown sales.


Other manufacturers such as Jaguar and Land Rover have achieved a considerable amount of success due to the targeting of emerging markets such as the Chinese, Indian and US car markets. Volkswagen and Audi have targeted the Chinese market as a route to the top as they look to become the best selling manufacturer worldwide.


Honda have highlighted the need to target such a market as the Chinese car market by building new concept models such as the new Concept B Coupe. As well as the Honda Coupe model, Volkswagen also unveiled a new mid sized Coupe with the intention of also targeting the Chinese car market.


The Japanese manufacturer also revealed a new co developed Honda Accord model. The model has been co developed with Dongfeng Motors who have first hand experience of success within the Chinese car market. As well as the Concept B and the new Accord model, the Honda brand also put the latest NSX concept model on show that is believed to be badged under the Acura name and join the Chinese market. Honda Shortfall Insurance Online

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