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Is the Ford B Max perfect for you and your family?

In this generation, the demand for larger vehicles has certainly continued to increase in size. We have seen the SUV range grow beyond belief leading to some of the worlds finest brands taking a dive into the division. Another sector within the car industry though that has certainly grown is the Multi Purpose Vehicle segment which has seen cars such as the Kia Carens and the Fiat 500 L rise to success. Another vehicle which has held a firm position in this division for the past three years however is the Ford B Max. In 2011 the vehicle was just a concept design and was shown carrying over some traditional features from the Fiesta. With the features that have made the Fiesta the best selling vehicle in the UK ever, the future production of the B Max was almost certain. Only one generation of the car has been made available since this time but we have seen updates find their way into the car over the years. That is why today we are taking a look into the vehicle and checking out why this car has proven to be a popular choice amongst customers all around the world.


Special features offered with the latest B Max

Ford offer the buyer a generous amount of features with this MPV but as far as power is concerned, only four engines are offered. Don't let this fool you though as the engines on offer are very good. Firstly as you would expect from the brand now, the car is offered with the latest in Ecoboost engine technology one carrying one litre and the other a 1.6. Both a 1.5 and a 1.6 TDCi diesel setup are also offered with the car. As standard, a five speed,manual transmission system is offered with the petrol engines but automatic setups can also be chosen as optional extras. Throw in a leather interior, a multi functioning steering wheel and chrome trimmings and you also have a luxurious cabin to drive in with comfort.


One of the biggest areas where the B Max excels however is its all round amount of safety equipment on offer. The company offer some great devices which include traction control,stability control and both curtain and knee level air bags.


Other areas where the B Max is strong

There is another sector of the car where it also has a strong showing and that is the amount of features to come along with the vehicle. We see that the B Max is offered in a choice of four different trim levels each adding more extra equipment and features than the last. LED daytime running lights and fifteen inch alloy wheels are just some of the standard entry level kit offered. Climb higher and you can see the likes of automatic headlights,both cruise and climate control and heated seating. In our opinion the B Max certainly offers a good balance of both power and comfort and for this reason we would certainly rank it amongst the top ten in the MPV segment right now.  Prices for the B Max begin from £13,095.

The Ford B Max

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