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Jaguar Land Rover success-a new Porsche Boxster-Lamborghini Urus confirmed

Porsche have confirmed that an updated version of their Boxster model is officially on the way for next year and this week, new images have been shown online which reveal the brand new car testing and reveal some of the new changes that will be brought into play for the bodywork of the vehicle. We also know that a new engine fitting will also come along with the new car and Matthias Muller the CEO of Porsche has confirmed that a new four cylinder engine will be included in the mix. We were also made aware that we can expect to see updated versions of the current six cylinder engine also. Include some styling revisions to the front bumper and the headlights also and we have a new Boxster that could very well go on to bring in even more sales for the brand in the future. The new Boxster certainly has the potential to become one of the best selling additions to the range yet and we are looking forward to seeing just what the car can do when it gets out and about on the road.


Success for Jaguar Land Rover

Figures have now been revealed which show even more success for the Jaguar Land Rover brand. The new figures have revealed that sales have slowed down ever so slightly over the duration of the past twelve months although £4.13 billion earnings for the year see a climb of eighteen percent compared to the previous year duration. A total figure of £2.6 billion was also recorded as the profit that the brand made throughout the year which is also an increase when compared to a year on year basis. Jaguar Land Rover would certainly be looking for even more success over the course of the next year with models such as the new F Pace set to arrive on the road.


The Lamborghini Urus is a go

The Urus is a brand new suv style model designed by Lamborghini that was originally unveiled to the world as a concept model. There was originally some doubt as to whether the new car would make it onto the production line and this week we can confirm that this is to be the case. The new car has been given the green light for production but for the moment we are not entirely sure as to when the car is going to go on sale. Prices for the car are expected to come in at around £135,000 but for the time being, this has not been confirmed either. It was three years ago that we first seen the car in concept form revealed in Bejing and this particular model carried the fitting of a V10 sized engine but there is no guarantee that the same unit would come along with the production ready model. The new Urus joins what is for sure the most popular car segment in the world right now and with new additions from Jaguar with the F Pace, Bentley with the Bentayga and other brands making their presence felt in the suv division, the new Urus certainly will not be short of any competition.

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