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Bentley tease Bentayga interior images-McLaren 675LT sold out-the Rolls Royce Dawn revealed

Rolls Royce have confirmed that they are indeed developing a new open topped version of their Wraith model but it will mark the return of the name 'Dawn'. The car was revealed at a dealers conference in Los Angeles California and we believe that the new car will become available for sale at some point next year. A lot of the same features of the Wraith are set to make their return with the 'Dawn' which will include that big V12 turbocharged engine. However it is to be believed that the back of the car will receive some slight changes in the way of design which will also be joined alongside by that all important folding canvas made roof. This will mark the sixth different vehicle that the name 'Dawn' has been used on by Rolls Royce.


McLaren sell out of the new 675LT

McLaren have officially sold out of all five hundred produced 675LT models that were put on sale last month. It was only first revealed in Geneva at the big motoring event and received a great reaction when it was. This does however make history for the brand as it has sold out quicker than the P1 model did when that was first put on sale. The new 675LT will make its first set of deliveries in July and will be equipped with a twin turbocharged V8 sized engine and gives out 666 brake horse power. Even with the price tag of £259,500 it still surprises us just how quick the 675LT has sold out. The new car was shown in Geneva Switzerland carrying a metallic Grey paint large air intakes and a sloping bonnet which helps with agility when it comes to reaching that top speed limitation of 205 miles per hour.


Bentley share Bentayga suv interior images

Bentley are turning heads with their first attempt at an suv model with the Bentayga. The vehicle is set to launch in the UK and across other countries around the world and could very well be the firms most successful car ever produced. The brand have however already started teasing the new car by releasing images online of the interior cabin which include features such as a night vision camera, a built in sat nav system and different buttons which control the driving modes of the car. The images are revealing the stop start button also. It is without a doubt that the Bentayga is going to be one of the most luxurious suv models to ever go on sale in the suv segment and we are looking forward to seeing just how well the car sells when it does go on sale.  

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