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Future Mercedes hybrid models-the new Kia Optima-Rolls Royce Wraith convertible

Kia will debut their brand new Optima model from the New York Motor Show which gets underway from next month. Today though we have some exciting news regarding new developments to come from the range which is that the new model has been teased online already with brand new images which have been revealed which shows sketched images of the brand new model and also reveals the new design direction in which the company will be looking to take their range. From the sketched images, we could make out that the car will run on large wheels and new aerodynamic designs look as if they find a place both along the doors and on the bonnet also. It also looks to us that the car will carry some form of special attraction with the fog lights which seemed to be a highlighted area of the car. This could mean new light technology but this remains to be confirmed. The only confirmed news about the car so far is the engine choices that will come along with it. A turbocharged 1.6 litre engine will find a place inside of the new Optima as will a turbocharged two litre engine also. As soon as we have more information on the brand new car after its reveal in New York we will keep you updated with all of the latest.


A new Rolls Royce Wraith convertible spotted

It is still in the Winter season over in Sweden and the conditions over there are still quite chilly. This does not stop companies getting their convertibles out and about on the roads though. A new model has been spotted testing in Sweden but this isn't just any car, its a Rolls Royce Wraith. The brand confirmed that this new model will go into development from mid way through next year but for the time being, information is being kept quiet on the new model as the camouflage covers confirmed from the test snaps. Therefore sadly we are going to have to wait a little while before we receive any more information on the specifications to come along with this new model. Power is always a key factor when it comes to a Rolls Royce vehicle though and that is what the new model shall give out as it is expected that underneath the bonnet we can find the same 6.6 litre V12 engine. More information on the new model is expected to be revealed soon.


Mercedes planning their future hybrid models

Hybrid vehicles are certainly taking over the automotive industry by quite some distance. Over the past number of years we have seen some of the worlds finest manufacturers introduce new hybrids and Mercedes Benz are also now looking to make a name for themselves in the same segment. We now have new information regarding future plans for the launch of new hybrid models from the company which are expected to be launched onto the roads by 2017. The brand have outlined their plans to release a total of ten new hybrids over the duration of the next two years. Some of these new models will include the likes of C350e and a possible hybrid version of the new GLC model launching later this year. Hybrid drive trains are certainly the direction in which big companies are looking to take their range in this day and age and we cannot wait to see what Mercedes Benz come up with to take on the competition over the next two years.  

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