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Aston Martin Rapide S GB-Mercedes GLC-Nissan Sway

They have been one of Britain's most loved and well respected car manufactures since 1913 and they are of course Aston Martin. They are a British icon for the automotive industry and now the company have taken this to the next level by displaying one of their most popular cars the Rapide S undertaking a British theme. Aston Martin have began to trade in the country of China and that is where the new announcement was made in hopes of bringing more custom and tourism to the United Kingdom. The car was announced and we have seen images of the work done to the new car.


Great Britain is very much the theme as just over the left front wheel we can see the Union Jack with the words Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Underneath the front grille can be found a Bright Blue air intake spanning the entire front end of the car. The same can be found at the back end of the car by the exhaust pipe were Red trimmings can also be found. The interior cabin looks absolutely stunning as demonstrated by a full leather setup in Blue. With the Aston Martin logo embossed into all seats. White stitching is also used. The final two features are blue ambient lights inside the cabin and a full White paint scheme for the main bodywork of the car.


The Mercedes GLC to replace the GLK

This year Mercedes Benz will officially replace the current GLK model and in its place will be a vehicle that has recently been spied testing confirming its arrival on the market coming in the form of the GLC. Ironically although the GLC is replacing a car, it will just be a brand new vehicle to us fans here in the UK as the GLK was never put on sale here. Images that were posted online of the GLC testing shown the car in a Silver design offering what appears to be a decent amount of interior space and a high riding platform. Therefore resulting in the next SUV addition to go on sale from Mercedes Benz. The new GLC will pack in some neat technology which will include the likes of an infotainment system. Pictures were taken of the interior cabin when it was undergoing tests with the majority of colour scheme coming in Black. Other features were hidden from sight though thanks to cloth coverings placed inside of the car. Expect possibly a five or seven seater vehicle that will lock horns with the likes of the Audi Q range thanks to a mix of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines that are expected to be revealed for the GLC.


Is the Nissan 'Sway' the companies next Micra model?

This week came the news of a new concept design that would be revealed by Nissan in Geneva Switzerland next week. Given the name of the 'Sway' which is believed to be a code name and not a production badge the car was very much a mystery as to just what it might be. Over the past number of days though speculation has continued to grow with new information pointing towards the new direction in which the company may be looking to take their Micra range. Next to nothing is known at the moment other than the car will run on an entirely new driving platform which could be the popular update that the Micra range needs. Images of the 'Sway' though giveaway a headlight design and front grille setup that looks awfully familiar to the Micra. It is doubtful that this concept would be the very car to be the next Micra but some big styling designs are expected to be taken from it on the new range which could see a grand launch as early as 2016.


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