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The evolution of the Nissan Micra

Over the years has been one constant in the success that the Nissan brand has achieved and this vehicle was given the name of the Micra. The Micra is a vehicle that is still going strong today and has proven to be one of the key ingredients into the success that the Japanese brand have achieved over the years. Over the years there has been four different life cycles for the supermini model with the production of the very first version beginning in 1982.


This was followed up ten years later by the second generation model and then we saw 2002 play host to its third lifecycle. This of course leads us up to the latest addition of the model on the road which was put into play from 2010. There was a trend for both second and third generation models that they were both released ten years apart. We thought this would be the case for all Micra's but with 2010 playing host to the new model this was obviously not the case. This does however make us wonder as to when we can expect to see a new model arrive on the road. With an eight year wait between model three and four there is a chance we could see a new model around 2018. Our special post today however looks into the evolution of the car and how well it has grown over the past thirty three years.


The Micra starting from the very beginning

As outlined previously, 1982 played host to the arrival of the very addition into the range. At that time we see the car offered with three small engine ranges consisting of a 0.9 litre,1.0 and 1.2 litre options. The car was also offered with a five speed, manual gearbox as standard or at the time customers could choose a three speed automatic setup. It was in 1985 that the Micra received a facelift which brought new changes to the car including revised exterior changes and a turbocharger fitted to the engine.


The second generation model was made available with more features including a choice of four engines and both automatic and manual transmissions. This time an extra gear was carried for the automatic meaning four gears instead of three. However when 1998 arrived, the car range was treated to one of the biggest changes of its existence as power steering was then offered all across the range. Skip forward to the third generation model in 2002 and that is where we seen the look and design of the car change. The model had now adopted a new styling direction which seen added body creases along side the doors,raised headlights and a new two slat front grille. The car would be the biggest change that the range had seen to this point in time with the option of a convertible model also being offered.


The latest and greatest Nissan Micra to date?

This now leads us to the model we have on the road today. The latest model which has been on sale for the past five years could very well be the best addition into the range yet. However this version is offered with the least amount of engines with the only offering being a 1.2 litre engine. However this unit can be chosen in either a smaller 79 brake horse power setup or a supercharged engine putting out 99bhp. In the same way other models did, a manual transmission is offered as standard but the automatic is available as an optional extra. Three trim levels are offered with the model which include entry level Visia, the mid range Acenta and of course the range topping Tekna.


In terms of technology and added kit, the Tekna is your best option as Nissan are very generous offering items such as a sat nav system,keyless entry system and a set of parking sensors are also thrown in for good measure. Smartphone connectivity is also offered which allows the driver to stream media from their phone via the cars sound system. Prices for the latest update to the Micra range begin at £8,995 with prices maxing out at £15,445 for the top of the range Tekna addition.

The Nissan Micra

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