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Jaguar XJ testing-New Audi A4 sighted-Nissan Leaf 2014 sales

Jaguar have began testing in the winter season for their new XJ model. New recent spy shots of the car have been revealed completely undisguised apart from the snow on it. The vehicle will receive its first grand unveiling this March from the Geneva Motor Show. It has been announced that a 5.0 litre,V8 engine will find a place in the new car which is the very same unit fitted to the new Range Rover Sport which has been making headlines as one of the quickest SUV models on the market. Aswell as the engine change, Jaguar also make history by offering some brand new technology for the first time which makes its way to the vehicle in the form of the InControl system.


This gadget was revealed late last year and displayed a new eight inch touch screen which links up to your smartphone and offers in car wifi. Via the downloading of an app, drivers can also preheat their car even when it is locked and they are outside of it. The British firm have made the air intakes larger and they have also done a bit of work on both bumpers in terms of reshaping them. The new XJ could be that special car to keep an eye out for in 2015.


The Nissan Leaf continues to take names

A number of weeks ago Nissan were speaking about their electric Leaf model by boasting that drivers tend to drive further when driving a Leaf than any other vehicle. This week the Japanese firm have added to the sheer success of the Leaf by confirming that the car has achieved the award of the best selling electric vehicle for the fourth straight year. 14,658 units of the Leaf were sold to drivers last year which therefore resulted in a thirty three percent rise in new car sales for the Leaf globally. Tesla just managed to rank in the top three and the second best selling EV of 2014 was announced to be the Renault Zoe. With the sheer rate that new technology is being advanced and the changes we have seen made to electric vehicles over the course of the past twelve months, do you think Nissan can maintain this momentum and make it a fifth straight year or do you think that we could see the likes of the BMW i3 or something else climb up into the number one place later this year?. Let us know your opinion on this matter via our social media pages on Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.


The new Audi A4 spotted on the road

It is a busy time of year for car testing as many manufacturers get the chance to winter test their brand new cars before they are revealed and go on sale. We have heard about Jaguar performing winter tests,Nissan and Mercedes but today Audi are just the next in line to add into the mix. The brand new A4 has been seen out in the snow fully disguised. It is expected that a range of new engines will be found in the next A4 aswell as a hybrid option too. Both turbo petrol and diesel options are expected to be announced for the car carrying different capacities ranging from 1.4 litres to three litres which will be a VDI engine making its way to Europe only. News is suggesting that the next A4 will be receiving the firms new laser light technology although LED headlights will also be on offer for anyone wanting them. There is belief that the A4 could be unveiled in Geneva this March but this remains unconfirmed. Depending on how far along the development is, it could be near the end of the year that we see the car in the flesh. As soon as more information becomes available, we will have all of it here for you.  

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