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Lamborghini take to the stage in Geneva

Lamborghini have taken to the stage in Geneva Switzerland as they have revealed their brand new Aventador SV supercar model. The brand have taken to the stage to reveal their brand new model and it is looking even more special than we originally thought it would. Along with the grand reveal of the car, Lamborghini also gave us some more information regarding the amazing power that this car carries and some other specification information also. As you may have guessed, the SV has been based on the original Aventador but the company have aimed their sights now more at making the car more lightweight and agile before which is clear to see just by looking at the brand new vehicle. Power for the new model has also been significantly increased for the brand new model. The Aventador is without a doubt one of the best additions into the Lamborghini range and the new SV could be the model that takes the supercar range into the next generation.


The brand new specifications of the new Aventador SV

So first and foremost with any Lamborghini vehicle, one of the big highlights for the range has to be the power that the car gives out and this is certainly demonstrated by the addition of a V12, 6.5 litre engine. This means that the power has also been upgraded which means that the car now gives out 740 units of brake horse power. This means that top speeds of 217 miles per hour are now given out by the car with the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour being achieved in an absolutely amazing speed of just 2.8 seconds. The Aventador is also a four wheel drive model. An all new MRS suspension system aswell as the weight reduction techniques also make the car more responsive than ever before. An exhaust system made from Titanium and carbon ceramic brakes have now also been fitted too. Some other new additions to the car include a fixed rear wing,new side skirting and one of the weight reductions is from the bumper which is now made entirely from carbon fibre material. Inside of the car has also been revealed displaying carbon fibre trimming which is located along the racing seats and the roofline. All in all, the new Aventador SV is looking to be a very exciting super car and we are every excited to see this car perform on the road.


What price tag has been given for the Aventador SV?

Lamborghini have confirmed that the first set of deliveries on the new Aventador will arrive from this coming Spring and it has been confirmed that a purchase price of £285,804 will also find its place with the new supercar.


In the past, the likes of the Ford GT and the Ferrari F12 have proven to be two of the biggest top flight contenders going up against the Lamborghini Aventador and with the SV adding more power and shedding more weight, we expect to see the model perform at its finest when it comes to topping the competition.  

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