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McLaren finance deals-New Fiat 500 spied-Hyundai's suv plans

Very exciting news today for all of you car fans out there with dreams of one day owning a luxury and powerful sports car. The McLaren brand who are famous for vehicles such as the P1 and the 650S are now offering all of their vehicles with no exceptions on monthly finance agreements. So rather than trying to get the money together and pay in one go for some McLaren models which could potentially cost you a million or more in UK currency, you now have that wonderful option to pay out a certain amount each month. How much depends on which vehicle you are looking to drive. The brand have stated that this all important move for the company will help the firm to market their vehicles to a much wider audience with hopes of becoming even more popular than they already are. So with this all important move being made by the brand, does this encourage you to maybe go out and buy yourself a McLaren?. Let us know if these finance agreements suit you via our comments section on Facebook. Twitter and Google Plus.


New Fiat 500 models spotted on the road

Two brand new versions of the revised Fiat 500 models have been covered in camouflage and taken out onto the public road for a sport of public testing. Both vehicles which come in the form of the standard hatchback and the new Cabrio model will go on sale from next month here on the European market after their grand reveals this week. New changes brought to the cars are set to include revised bumper designs,all new LED headlights and lights at the back of the car have now been redesigned in clusters also adopting the LED technology. New paint work will be offered on the new models aswell as wheel designs followed up with interior upholstery alterations with new materials being used,a new steering wheel design compared to that of the current 500 and an all new infotainment system will also be offered as a part of the package.


Hyundai set their sights on suv models

Hyundai have stated that in the future, they are going to focus their attention on a market which is very impressive all around the world right now and that of course being the suv division. However, with this news comes the information that the brand could very well be considering a crossover version of their very popular Genesis which is one of the companies biggest selling vehicles especially in the United States were sales have risen by more than three times this year compared to last year. It is believed at this moment in time that no concrete go ahead has been given for the production of this car in the future but it is certainly an option that the firm are looking at. The new focus on the suv division could certainly prove to be a wise move for the Korean company and we are looking forward to one of the brands first entrants into the segment with the launch of their all new Creta model going on sale from later this year.  

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