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Mitsubishi reveal the brand new Evo model

In some exciting car industry news today to make its way out of the Japanese owned car company known as Mitsubishi, we are excited to report on some incoming news from the mass manufacturer which sees a brand new Evolution model making its way to the UK and other parts of the world soon.


Over the years Mitsubishi have certainly proven to be a strong car brand and we have seen the Evo model rival the likes of the Impreza from Subaru for many years now. What is it about this all new Mitsubishi model though that we believe makes it stand out and why should you choose to place your hard earned money into of these cars?


What we know so far about the new Mitsubishi Evoloution

So with this in mind, the company owners have officially commented on some features you can expect to receive when this car makes its official debut both in terms of engines and added equipment. So firstly lets take a look under the bonnet. Firstly we see a 2.0 litre turbo charged petrol engine that will be all set to produce 440 units of brake horse power. The model will be made available in a four wheel drive variant and will also come fully fitted with a six speed twin clutch sports shift transmission system. It has been stated also that this Evo model will be 35mm closer to the ground than its predecessors.


Its not just the engine and its specs though that make this model stand out in our opinion. Company bosses have also confirmed that we can expect to receive some added pieces of equipment as part of the package too and we see these come in the form of 18 inch alloy wheels, an all new seven inch, LCD touch screen and an eight speaker sound system is also said to come thrown into the mix too. With these key attributes in mind, we believe that this Evo addition could very well prove to be a top contending rival for other car brands such as the likes of Nissan and Vauxhall too.


The good,the bad and the ugly for the Mitsubishi Evolution

Sadly we do not have an expected launch date for the car as of yet as nothing has been confirmed. In regards to a price tag though we do have some good news. You can expect to invest into the Mitsubishi Evo for a cost of around £50,000 however, there will only be 40 units released overall around the world at the time of launch.

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