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New Bentley SUV

New Bentley SUV to join the market by 2016


Bentley have officially released a new preview image of the forthcoming Bentley SUV model. The image displays the front of the model surrounded by clouded dirt from the track. The image reveals the Bentley mesh grille and headlight combination that we have somewhat become a custom to.


The new Bentley SUV model will mark the beginning of a new production line at the brand which will be pinned on luxury, performance and quality. Bentley have stated that their SUV model will create a completely new segment in the market which suggests their SUV model is not going to follow suit.


From the released preview image, it appears to be that the model will not be as high up like other models in the market are. The Bentley model is set to be launched in just two years time with a plug in hybrid model to be developed in the two years after that.


Bentley also announced that approximately 2,000 orders have been placed for the SUV model that nobody has seen and is not due for release for another 2 years. Most recently, we have seen the excitement surround the latest Jaguar SUV development as it stole a number of headlines at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


The excitement that surrounded the Jaguar SUV model has forced other manufacturers such as the likes of Aston Martin and Bentley to re think their own plans. Porsche who have already established themselves in the luxury SUV segment insist that they will be making further in roads in to that market.


Bentley have recently revealed plans to invest over £800 million in the firms Crewe headquarters and after which the firm plan on selling over 150,000 vehicles by 2018. An extra 250 staff will be hired to construct the new SUV model and it is believed that the model will, like any other Bentley model attract a premium price.

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