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New Car Registrations predicted to rise up to 17%

The future appears to be bright in the world of new car registrations as they are currently predicted to rise over 17%.


Industry insiders think that the this is mostly down to the manufacturers supporting the brands.


August was at one time the busiest new car registration period howvere this changed when the two registration plate changes where introduced back in the early 2000's. The introduction of the March and September plate change meant that new car buyers where hesitant to take delivery of their car so close to new registration.


The potential volume in new car registrations is a clear indicator that we are no longer as concerned with the registration number of our vehicles instead we think that savvy buyers are now simply looking for the best deals.


August normally only accounts for 3% of the total registrations per year and SMMT figures show that this was just 59,433 vehicles in 2012.


Motor Trader experts anticipate this August good increase to a massive 70,000 new car and vehicle registrations.


This will natural depend upon the dealer groups and manufactures with the type and levels of deals and support that they car offer. However early indications are that the old favorites such as interest free finance and VAT Free deals will continue.


Why not let us know what you think?


Would you buy a new car and take delivery in August if the package was good enough or would you prefer to wait for the new plate change in September?

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