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New Mini Cooper Accessories

Mini Cooper Accessory Packs


Mini has launched a new range of both interior and exterior accessory packs for the latest Cooper model. The accessory packs include classic touches such as the side and roof decals amongst other features such as exterior and interior mirror caps.


Mini are amongst a number of brands releasing a host of models this year with the Cooper model being one of them. BMW plan on pushing the Mini brand and also plan on pushing the Cooper model in the electric car market.


The electric car market has become one of the most attractive car markets for sales in the past 12 months or so and BMW more than anyone have realised the potential in the electric car market.


Last year the BMW firm released a new range of electrically powered models in the form of the I-Range of models. The firm have since released the i-3 and expect the model to take back vital market share taken by Nissan and the Leaf model.


The success of the Nissan Leaf somewhat forced manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes to pay attention and consider developing a rival.


The Mini Cooper model has faced competition from the likes of Vauxhall Adam in the past 12 months and have somewhat struggled. The Vauxhall Adam model has been a huge success in terms of styling and has rivalled other models such as the Fiat 500.


Fiat have highlighted the Vauxhall Adam as a major rival in markets such as the UK car market. The 500 model has become the centre piece in the Fiat range of models and it is believed that the Vauxhall Adam model is to become the same for Vauxhall.


Mini have recently revealed the Cooper and the Clubman model at the Geneva Motor Show with the Clubman model experiencing a number of changes including the size of the model.


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