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New Skoda Fabia set for 2014

The Fabia supermini is one of the oldest Skoda models in it's line up and the company plan to make a new Fabia model for the 2014 year. The Fabia was originally launched in 2007 and slowly dropped in sales, last year the company only managed to sell 202,000 units compared to 2012's 240,000, a drop of 28,000 vehicles, which is not helped the stiff competition in the European market.


What will be different with the new Skoda Fabia?


The current Fabia model has many flaws such as the perceived quality and noisy engines, which the company plans to fix for the new model. Rumours suggest that the new model will not be using MQB technology but will instead sit on a revised PQ25 platform which underpins the current model, similar to how parent company Volkswagen chose to facelift their Polo model instead of building a whole new car.


While the platform may be old, the design should be new and use clean lines as seen on the company's new concepts and Octavia model. A new choice of engines is also guaranteed, meaning the base Fabia models should come with the same 1.0 litre units as the Polo facelift, which were borrowed from the Citigo/Up!. These triple cylinder engines will replace the older 1.2 litre units the company developed for the outgoing Fabia. The 1.2 litre TSI turbo options should still be available but will likely be accompanied by a 1.0 litre TSI three cylinder used for the TSI Greenline III model. Alongside these, a new diesel engine should also be offered, along with three cylinders and also fitted to a Greenline badged TSI.


More Skoda news and the new Fabia's expected release date


Besides the Fabia, Skoda plan to add another model to the Kvasiny plant in the Czech republic, which ties in with the rumours that the new Snowman SUV will be built there. Supposedly a three row model, it will be the largest model derived from the same platform which underpins the Golf.


The new 2014 Skoda Fabia is expected to debut at the same time as the Paris Motor Show which occurs in October and when released deliveries are expected to remain in the Czech republic for the first few months before the model becomes available in other markets.

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