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New Toyota Verso 2014

New Toyota Verso 2014


Toyota are set to release a new compact MPV under the Verso name in order to try and increase the number of sales figures. Last Year, Toyota finished on top of the worlds best selling car manufacturer charts ahead of the US firm General Motors and this years main rivals, Volkswagen.


The new Toyota Verso is a step up from the Yaris in both size and performance. Both the Yaris and Verso have been targeted at the younger buyer who are very much family orientated. The Verso model is not quite part of the larger MPV market which has such models as the Citroen Picasso or the Ford C Max.


It seems that Toyota are trying to give the younger family a separate car category with the latest Verso model. Toyota have insisted that they plan on targeting the first driver with the latest Aygo model.


The deal between Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota has seen the development of the latest 107, C1 and Aygo models. The latest Aygo model has been designed with one of the most distinct looks on the market.


In terms of the driving experience of the latest Verso model, the new diesel engine is both quiet and smooth as well as being one of the most economical models in the current market. The Toyota 1.6 litre diesel engined model will be available in the UK car market at a price of £22,995 and will reach the 0-62mph in just 12.7 seconds. In terms of the the power in the of the model, the Verso model is capable of 108bhp.


The Japanese manufacturer is expecting to lose the crown of being the worlds best selling car manufacturer this year as Volkswagen expect to sell over 10 million new car models. The Audi brand has helped to give the VW group an increase of 4.3 per cent in sales whilst Toyota struggle to maintain the momentum of last year.

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