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Porsche and Mini issue recalls and BMW owners driving to Germany

Porsche have officially issued a recall on their Cayenne range and what is even more interesting is that this recall could potentially go down as one of the smallest ever as it affects a grand total of just two models. A Cayenne diesel and a Cayenne S model are the two vehicles affected and are 2015 variants. The problem with both vehicles rests within the suspension alignment which may have been tightened too much via a manufacturers development error. Porsche have said that if you are the owner of one of these two vehicles then they will be in touch and inform you to take your Cayenne to the nearest dealer to have your suspension re aligned and the screws tightened free of charge.


BMW making history with vehicle sales

A recent report from BMW has stated that more customers than ever for them are now travelling over to their home country of German and to be more specific Munich, to pick up their newly purchased vehicles. Through the year of 2014 alone, the firm said that around 22,000 customers made the trip over to Munich to pick up their new motor. One of the biggest reasons that customers have decided to travel to Munich for their vehicle is that they can also go on a tour of the factory where their most popular vehicles are developed and can also pay a visit to the BMW museum that currently resides there too. This could be another reason to buy a BMW motor this year if you are interested in the history of the company too. It is to be a big year for the brand as they look set to launch both their new X5 and X6M models aswell as displaying new driverless technology.


Mini announce 1,900 recalls

Mini have announced that they are to recall a total of 1,900 Cooper models consisting of both the standard Cooper and its big brother the Cooper S. If you own one of these vehicles and it was developed between January 6th 2014 and October 17th 2014 then your car may be a part of the recall. The problem with the Coopers are that during servicing, the cars may have accidentally been reprogrammed which could lead to the car rolling away when it is parked up. This comes just weeks after a previous recall seen a range of affected Mini models recalled for problems with the backs of seating.  

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