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Range Rover team up with Holland and Holland

Holland and Holland are a company who specialise in designing weapons for hunting such as rifles. In an odd partnership, the company have now teamed up with the British brand Land Rover in order to work on a new, more luxurious version of the Range Rover Autobiography model and that is exactly what they have delivered upon.


A lot of work has been done to the popular selling SUV model in order to make it more luxurious than ever before and we believe that the car has had the desired result that both companies were looking for from this partnership. One of the main focuses on the vehicle was aimed at the interior of the car as can be demonstrated by the luxurious interior that has resulted.


A look into a life of luxury for the Range Rover Autobiography

The Autobiography is a model from Range Rover that was introduced to the world earlier on this year and has achieved some great success in terms of sales ever since it did go on sale. So the question left here is that for a vehicle that is already so luxurious and powerful, what could this partnership between Holland and Holland and Land Rover actually do for the Autobiography model?


Well this vehicle is a result of the Land Rover Special vehicle operations division. An increase on space is one of the main noticeable upgrades for the car as we now see that leg room has been increased by a total of 200mm. The exterior of the car has received some minor changes which include the addition of a brand new Green paint scheme,chrome surrounded headlights,a new front grille and Holland and Holland badges.


A brand new set of 17 degree reclining passenger seats can be found inside the car with USB charging ports,walnut design tables and bespoke ambient lighting also coming into play thanks to this partnership. The leather seating located all around the car now come in a tanned colour scheme with Holland and Holland stitching inserted. As standard for the Range Rover Autobiography, the choice of two engines are offered with the vehicle which include either a 4.4 litre, SDV8 diesel unit which will put out 334 brake horse power or of course your alternative choice being the 503 bhp five litre,supercharged V8 engine.


How do the two companies plan to release these models?

It has been confirmed by both parties that these vehicles will be produced over a course of three years with only 40 units being produced each year. The cars are also only made available via special orders. The big news here though is the price tag that comes along with the newly updated model and that comes in with a cost of £180,000.  

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