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Renault set to produce the brand new Kwid model

Renault have planned to follow the Kwid concept with a production version. Exclusive images that have been released across the internet show how the production version could look. The boom in the crossover market is showing no signs of slowing down at the moment and Renault is planning a brand new compact model that is based on the Kwid concept to take advantage of this.


How will the new Renault Kwid look?

The company has signalled its intentions already to produce a crossover model that is smaller than the Captur, which is Clio based, with the kwid concept that was displayed earlier on this year at the New Delhi Motor Show. The car was designed to show the brand's commitment to developing markets. The concept measured up at 3.6 metres long, though it is expected that the production vehicle will grow to about four metres, which is still shorter than the Captur by 150mm. The Renault Captur uses the same name as the concept that was previewed and the company is allegedly going to stick with the name Kwid, though the styling will be toned down noticeably, as can be seen in the images released across the internet.


The wide mouth grille of the model and the curved body panels are all part of the latest design language from Renault, whilst the rugged underbody of the car and the black plastic cladding help with creating the muscular look that buyers in this class are looking for. The ride height which has been raised along with a certain amount of personalisation such as the contrasting roof colours, are more than likely to appeal also.


The power, performance and price

Power from the model is allegedly going to come from a range of smaller capacity engines, which could include three cylinder units that are set for the most recent Twingo model. This means 900cc Tce units, that develop 69 brake horsepower and 89 brake horsepower. The key to the success of the Renault Kwid will be keeping the costs of running down, the small engines are the best way to do that.


Prices are expected to be kept down aswell. With a starting price of about £11,500 when the Renault Kwid is revealed in 2016, which undercuts the Renault Captur, which comes in at £14,495. So with these key figures,performance and price structure in mind, could this all new Renault model prove once more to keep up to date and rival other brand's such as the likes of Ford, Vauxhall and Nissan?

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