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Research shows one in ten UK motorists think MOT test is an option

With all the new models and technology being introduced into the car markets, motoring safety is a high priority at the moment but according to new research, millions of UK drivers are unaware of the legal requirements for MOT tests, insurance and road tax. The research shows that one in ten, around 3.4 million, UK drivers aren't aware that MOT test certificates are a legal requirement.


What is an MOT test and what does it cover?


The Ministry of Transport test (MOT) is an annual test of automobile safety, road-worthiness aspects and exhaust emissions. It is required for all vehicles usually over three years old used on any way defined as a road in the Road Traffic Act 1988. An MOT pass certificate indicates that at the time of the test the vehicle met or exceeded the minimum safety standards determined by the VOSA guidelines. It is illegal to drive a non-exempt vehicle that requires a test on public roads without a current MOT.


An MOT test covers the following aspects; vehicle registration number, registration plate, lighting and signalling equipment, steering, suspension, wipers, windscreen, brakes, tyres, wheels, seat belts, body structure, exhaust, fuel, emissions and the driver's view of the road.


The MOT research results


The research was carried out by Kwik Fit, polling 2,000 motorists. It showed that 40% of drivers believe an MOT test covers oil checks, whilst 38% expect their battery condition to be sorted as part of an MOT. Around 7% of motorists surveyed admitted to driving without a valid MOT certificate, while 21% said they attempted to fix faults themselves to try and pass their MOT.


The Kwik Fit survey also showed that a total 9% of motorists didn't realise that car insurance was compulsory and 10% thought the same of valid tax discs.


Annual car servicing was considered compulsory by 20%, while 46% believed it was law to carry a spare tyre in the UK and 18% believed it was a requirement to carry an emergency warning triangle.


These research results flagged up concerns for motorist safety as many motorists are ignoring important maintenance checks because they think they're covered by the MOT.

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