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Smart Fortwo Cabriolet-Hyundai Android technology-a new Toyota concept

Hyundai have now made history by being the first car manufacturer to offer Android Automatic technology in their vehicle. The new system will come fitted to the Sonata model which will include the new 2015 model and current models will also receive the new technology via a free software upgrade with the cars infotainment system. Android Auto connects with the vehicles centre screen and allows the driver to operate their Android phone via the screen rather than constantly being distracted by their mobile phone. Another system which drivers of the car may find useful is that when the phone is connected to the infotainment system, the phones screen is locked automatically which will reduce the need for the driver to look at the phone. This is the first time Hyundai will use this product on one of their vehicles and if it proves to be successful, there is a good chance that we may see this new in car technology fitted to other vehicles sold world wide in the future.


The new Smart Fortwo Cabriolet seen on the road

Within the next two to three months, Smart will officially put their new Fortwo Cabriolet model on sale and today we have our clearest view of the car yet thanks to some new images which have been uploaded online showing the car out and about testing on the road this week. The car was spotted carrying some White paintwork aswell as a folding Red roof which was up at the time. This of course differs to the original Orange paint work that was shown initially which means we can expect to see a few colour options included within the range. Two engine options including 0.9 litre petrol or a turbocharged petrol engine with 89bhp will come along with the car and both will be paired up to a manual five speed gearbox or a dual clutch automatic setup. Nothing is confirmed price wise for the new car but we expect to hear more on this very soon.


A new sports car concept on the way from Toyota?

At this years Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota are planning a big surprise by revealing what appears to be a new open wheel concept sports car to the world. Judging by images of what the car could look like, it looks like this vehicle has been designed with hopes in mind of challenging the Caterham Seven with a much similar design including the the bodywork and open top style. Toyota will look to pull out all the stops with the concept by offering a hybrid drive train inside of it featuring a 1.5 litre engine matched up with a CVT transmission. The future of production version of the car is uncertain but this is what Toyota are hoping for with sales hoped to get underway from 2018.  

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