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Toyota Avensis updates-the new BMW 3 Series-The Aston Martin DBX

BMW are very hard at work on producing a brand new addition into their 3 Series range in the form of the MK7 and we now know that this new model is expected to go on sale here in Britain and around other countries world wide from the year 2018. However now more information has become available on the new car which states that the German firm will be heavily focusing their attention on making the car much more lightweight than ever before in order to help the car perform more efficiently and agility will also be increased. We have seen a lot of companies do this with their vehicles rather than adding more power, they are reducing weight and BMW are no different. For the moment though, the brand are remaining quiet on what engine line up we can expect to see in the car and just what kind of power outputs they will deliver upon. We are still three years away from the launch of the new 3 Series model so we don't expect to hear more on the specifications until closer to the time of launch.


The Aston Martin DBX to take a different approach?

It was announced just under one month ago that the Aston Martin brand would be given the green light for production on their DBX concept model and this has proven to be the case. We now also know that the car will go on sale in 2019. However Aston Martin have further commented on the new model by suggesting that they are looking to appeal to a wider audience with this brand new model. The new car does however look similar to past Aston Martin models by carrying over that traditional front grille but this is not a bad thing, as the old saying goes, why fix something that isn't broke right?. Some changes will however be included such as five doors instead of three which was shown in concept form from the Geneva Motor Show. The DBX is to be an all electric model which Aston are hoping will bring in more custom for the brand. This will make history for the firm and we are looking forward to seeing if their new strategy works when it comes to bringing in more business and sales for the brand.


Toyota bring new changes to the Avensis range

Toyota have announced that they are launching a facelifted version of their popular Avensis model and the car will carry some brand new fittings which the Japanese firm are hoping will help to appeal to an even larger market. The Avensis is one of the most popular cars that Toyota offer and it is considered to be a big success. So what new changes will help to make it even more popular?. Well for starters, restyling has taken place which is demonstrated by a new set of bumpers, LED headlights and the same for the back end of the car with reshaping for the rear lights too. Safety has also been high up on Toyota's list of priorities as shown by a new lane departure warning system which is brought into play as standard,automatic light assistance for high beam setting and an all new TFT style screen has also been fitted inside of the cabin. All of these features will now come along as standard with the Avensis. The big changes though are the engines to come along with the car. If we open up the bonnet, we can now find new options which include the likes of a 1.6 litre diesel unit and your other option is a two litre diesel which emits just 119g/km of C02 emissions. These are the changes that wrap up the new Avensis model and Toyota in our opinion have done a fine job with the new updates.  

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