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BMW to refresh the 3 Series range

The talk of the town this week has come from the Consumer Electronics big exhibition currently underway in Las Vegas Nevada. The technology event has drawn thousands of enthusiasts from all around the world since the show commenced at the beginning of the week and many car designers have also been on hand at the event. This years show has certainly seen car makers take over like never before with companies like Jaguar-Land Rover developing new in car technology,Hyundai displaying their smart watch and Audi introducing self driving vehicles.


BMW have since taken to the stage to demonstrate the use of laser lights in their M4 for future models and self parking assistance systems in their i3 models for the future. Now though the company are making plans for the future market. Not with gadgets though but with a new vehicle that would take the charge on the battle against conventional hybrid/electric vehicles.


Introducing the new 3 Series models

BMW is looking to take charge on the world of electronic vehicle by introducing the world to its all new 3 series range. The 3 Series has a long and prestigious history behind it dating back to the 1970's when production on the family of motors was first begun. We are currently in the sixth generation of 3 Series which seen a launch in 2012 but BMW are looking to take the car in a completely new direction with a time-scale of seven years. By the year 2022, the brand are looking to completely refresh the 3 Series sector by changing them to all wheel drive platforms and specifically designed extensions to electric power range much in a similar way that Tesla have been working with their Model S and Roadster vehicles. Both steel and aluminium will begin the transformation of the bodywork and BMW are looking to change the way we look at the 3 Series by cutting back greatly on EU emissions with the electric motors working as the big power source for the vehicles in the future.


Other ways in which BMW will improve the 3 Series

So when the complete revamping of the 3 Series kicks in,the brand will be looking to introduce new gadgets such as a three dimensional satellite navigation unit. This will be able to help the car to predict when a hill is upcoming amongst other steep areas of road surface that would take more power to climb. The car will then compensate the power used by reducing output when the 3 Series is travelling down hill to save on battery power. We have been very impressed by the new features put our way courtesy of the company and with some very exciting years to come from BMW, we certainly look forward to seeing the complete revamp in technology and hybrid vehicles.  

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