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The Audi S1 is revealed at the Geneva motor show

In some car industry news today making its way directly out of the motor show over in Geneva, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news regarding the official reveal of the brand new S1 model from German car firm known as Audi.


The latest addition to the ever growing range was officially revealed to the general public and media alike this morning in Geneva and looks to be a very nice piece of machinery indeed. The company owners are hoping that this model could possibly go on to break sales records for the company and even out sell other top selling cars in their same Audi line up such as the likes of the TT, S4 and A5 amongst many more.


What's so special about the Audi S1?

So with that being said, what is it about this model that makes us believe it could have huge success in the future of both our new and used car trade. Why should you choose to invest into this brand new Audi addition over anything from the same brand or even rival companies such as the likes of Seat, BMW and Mercedes? Well the brand have officially confirmed that we will see the welcome additions of a 2.0 litre, turbo engine that in total will be all set to carry 228 units of brake horsepower and will therefore make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just 5.8 seconds. The vehicle also comes complete with a six speed, manual transmission system and is available in Audi's four wheel drive format as standard.


In regards to some of the more key standout features of the car itself and the reasons why we believe this model could have the potential to be hugely successful in the future, we see these welcome additions come in the shape and form of 18 inch alloy wheels, larger brake discs than ever before, electromechanical power steering and adjustable dampers also come as part of the package too. The base colour of the car itself comes in a yellow and black colour much similar to that of the Citroen DS3, but do expect more colour variants to be made available at the time of purchase.


When will the Audi S1 see an official launch?

So with that being said, you may now be wondering when you can officially get your hands on an all new S1 model,well an exact launch date is still yet to be confirmed however, you can expect to see the car in your nearest Audi dealership throughout Spring of this year. In regards to how much it will cost to invest into a brand new Audi S1, we are pleased to announce that you will be able to officially purchase this model at a cost of around the £24,000 area.