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Tesla superchargers-Ford Focus RS-Mini Countryman Hybrid

We know that American car maker Ford have been hard at work at developing a new RS version of their popular Focus model set to come to market in 2016. What we didn't expect though is just how quick we would see the car revealed. Images have popped up online today via a leak which shows the brand new model in all of its glory. Due to the nature of the image, only the new bodywork of the design is visible which means that still for some of those technical specifications, we are still going to have to wait to see what Ford will bring to the table. The picture though shows the new model in a Metallic Blue colour scheme with new body sculpturing inserted into the bonnet. It also packs Black multi spoke alloy wheels. The front air in takes look to be larger also. Expect to see some of Ford's Ecoboost engine range available in the car but for now, the technical side of things will have to wait until Ford are ready to make an announcement.


Tesla bring more chargers to the United Kingdom

Tesla are best known in the UK for their Model S model but there has been some problems for the popularity of the car in terms of sales with the reasoning behind it being the lack of charging stations around the UK for the vehicle and other Tesla electric cars. In the past year the company have stated that they will be looking to bring more charging stations to the country in order to increase sales for the vehicle range. This week the news has been reported that the company from America have fitted around twenty brand new supercharging stations to the roads of Britain. In Europe as a whole, the brand offer a total of 129 charging stations. These brand new charging stations that have been fitted by Tesla span from the town of Exeter and also include new fittings in Edinburgh too. Tesla have stated that they want their charging stations to be available all around the country by the end of this year which we believe would see sales rapidly increase for the brand in 2015.


A Mini Countryman hybrid on the horizon?

It looks like Mini are looking to make history soon with the arrival of their very first hybrid model ever. The new vehicle will come in the form of a Countryman which has recently been seen out and about undergoing testing under some strong disguise. No news has been announced by BMW or Mini directly regarding the new car as of yet but it is expected that this new hybrid will feature the same platform as found on the 2 Series Active Tourer model from BMW. With this being our first sighting of the car and so much being kept quiet for now, we expect that it could be some time before we see the car revealed with no time scale known for a launch. The car could be revealed as a surprise this year though at one of the big motor shows with Frankfurt being a possibility.  

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