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The brand new Mercedes GLC to finally be revealed next year?

After the leak of the Mercedes AMG GT Edition 1, there have been more images relating to the Mercedes brand circulating online which show a road tested version of the companies new GLC model. The vehicle was originally supposed to be launched on our streets here in the United Kingdom earlier but due to a problem with the SUV model converting to a right hand drive layout this was put on hold. The issue has now been resolved by the Mercedes firm by using the addition of a brand new modular platform.


The images of the car that have been revealed show the car under heavy disguise with mostly just the front grille of the vehicle being displayed. It is expected that the company behind the car may very well reveal it later on next year with an on sale date expected to occur throughout the course of 2016. A lot of new technology will be featured in the GLC and a lot of this is shared from the companies ever popular C Class model.


What new features of the GLC are adopted from the C Class?

Styling from the C Class is very much brought into play with the new GLC aswell as new angular panels and edges which help the car to perform more efficiently and benefit from a more agile driving experience. The interior of the car has also been confirmed to carry some C Class features to which include a brand new centre console and gloss black finishes. The big addition that the car will contain from the C Class though could very well be the engine range that will come along with the vehicle.


A range of three 2.1 litre diesel engines have also been confirmed to find their way into the vehicle. A hybrid powertrain may also find its way into the vehicle. The range of power delivered from the three diesel units are set to range out between 168 and 201 brake horse power. There is also a possibility that in the future an AMG range could go on offer focusing on a more high performance powertrain. It has been stated that thanks to the additions of some of the adopted C Class technical specifications for the GLC, it could bring the fight to the likes of the Audi Q5 aswell as vehicle additions like the X3 from the BMW company.


What can you expect to spend on a new Mercedes GLC at launch?

The car is not expected to be revealed until near the end of next year at the earliest so expect to see the GLC reach showrooms at some point in 2016. Prices for the GLC are also expected to arrive somewhere around the £30,000 area.

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