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The fifth generation Volkswagen Polo receives an all new facelift

German car brand Volkswagen have been one of the flagship car brands for many years now. Since they were originally founded back in May 1937 they have achieved much success on European car markets. The latest European success being that the Golf is the most purchased vehicle for this year already. The Polo is another fine piece of history for the manufacturer which dates back to 1975. It is now in it's fifth generation stage and we see that the current Polo receives an all new face lift now which comes with a new three cylinder engine and some additional pieces of equipment which you may find of interest.


What new changes find their place in the new Polo

So what new features and key selling points find a place of pride on this new variant ?. Well if we first get a taster of what the car consists of power and performance wise, we see that Volkswagen have included a 1.0 litre, three cylinder engine which has a total power output of 59 brake horse power and hits out at a total top speed limit of 100 miles per hour.


This top speed limit is helped to achieve it's goal by a 16.5 second sprint time to the 62miles per hour mark from zero. As standard for the fifth generation Polo we see that a five speed manual transmission system also comes along as part of the package for this front wheel drive variant. If we look into the performance rates for this city car, we certainly have no problem believing that this particular model could very well go head to head with the likes of the American manufacturer Ford and French firm Renault amongst many more companies in the car industry.


In terms of some of the additional pieces of equipment we were talking about for this particular vehicle, we also see this car benefit from a DAB digital radio,a 6.5 inch touch screen,an all new infotainment system,Bluetooth,adaptive cruise control and we also see the new Polo variant come along with the use of automated braking assistance.


What's the purchase price on a brand new Volkswagen Polo 1.0 SE?

The latest addition of the fifth generation, face lifted Polo is on sale right now and it can be purchased for a total sum of £12,435.

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