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Volkswagen bring new facelift to the Scirocco

In some car industry news today coming directly out of the German car firm known as Volkswagen, we are excited to report on the latest news regarding an all new design and revamp coming straight to the ever successful Volkswagen Scirocco model.


The changes the brand have confirmed will be majorly focused on what lies underneath the bonnet of this vehicle and will help improve on performance and handling, a few added pieces of kit have also been thrown in as part of the package also, but what these changes consist of, may provide that extra push for any car enthusiasts who have been in two minds about making a purchase, to make the go ahead and invest.


What we know about the Volkswagen Scirocco rework

The vehicle itself since it's original launch date, has proven to be a fine selling model for the German mass manufacturer along side other popular models from them which have made the big time over the duration of the brand's existence such as, the Polo and Golf which are both set to receive an all new set of upgrades this year also but, for the brand to cement their legacy in our future car industry they need to produce something really special and we believe, that the revamp job on the Scirocco could be exactly what aspiring to be owners are indeed looking for. So with that being said what has been done to the machine itself? Well firstly we see the welcome additions of, an all new 1.4 TSI petrol engine or the alternative which comes in the form of a 2.0 TDI diesel engine.


In regards to the minor changes that have been altered within the interior of the vehicle, we see this come complete with all new, switchgears,a brand new, revamped steering wheel,adaptive cruise control and, an auto brake system fully in place. The Scirocco also comes complete with a brand new infotainment system which comes as,a built in touch screen service that allows you to sync your mobile phone apps with the vehicle and use them via the touch screen.With these mix of perfect attributes we believe that this model could potentially go up against some similar vehicles in the line up from the likes of,Porsche and Audi.


How much will the latest Volkswagen Scirocco cost you?

Before we get into the price on the latest Volkswagen, revamp, we guess you would like to know when you can officially get your hands on one of these vehicles, well we are pleased to report that we expect to see an official reveal for this brand addition to the Volkswagen range at the upcoming Geneva motor show with,the vehicle to be launched here in the UK and across other parts of the world closer to the end of this year. Now regarding how much the revamped vehicle will cost you, it is believed that you will be able to make the investment into your all new Volkswagen Scirocco for a cost starting somewhere around the £20,000 area.

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