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Mercedes plan to scrap Mini rival

Mercedes plan to scrap Mini rival


There have been rumours over the German brand designing a new sub A-Class Mercedes hatchback model, however, it has been confirmed by the Daimler boss that the hatchback plans have been put on hold.


The German brand have discussed the idea of plugging the gap between the Smart ForFour model and the opportunities a small hatch back would offer them. However, the fact that a car as big as 3.5 metres would not offer the brand enough in the way of profitability and maybe purely vanity and sales based.


On the other hand, the brand could be taking market share from rivals and competitors which could lead to bigger and better things for the Mercedes hatchback range. The ongoing idea and rumours of a hatch back for the Mercedes brand will be one that will not go away. The fact that BMW are set to release their third generation of Mini models means that there is market to thrive within.


Both the Audi and Alfa Romeo models are doing considerably well within the small hatchback market and as the rivals such as Audi and BMW are not only close geographically but in terms of the quality and reputation, it may become more important for the Mercedes brand to build such a model as a small hatchback.


New models at Mercedes?


The German based brand have only recently released a new generation of compact models in the form of the A Class and the B Class models. There is also plans to add to the CLA range at Mercedes, but it may not be as first expected. There has been a number of rumours surrounding the likes of the CLA model, with many in the industry believing that the next model to be released would be a super mini or a convertible model. However, Mercedes insist the model will be a CLA Shooting Brake.


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