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The grand launch of the all new Volkswagen Golf GTE hybrid

The future of the car industry is looking very promising indeed thanks to new advancements in technology every year and unique driving experiences being expanded on as the months go by. One of if not the biggest expansion we have seen in the sector over recent years though is of course the addition of all electric vehicles and hybrid models.


Hybrid vehicles take both an electric motor and either petrol or diesel engines and combine the two perfectly to enhance a driving experience that cannot be found anywhere else. We are seeing manufacturers from all around the world making a name for themselves with hybrids such as Toyota with the Yaris and other big brands like Nissan and Ford. A hybrid model we are looking into today though is a brand new addition from the German brand Volkswagen and it is a variant of one of the brands biggest selling vehicles of all time, the Golf.


How can a hybrid engine expand on the success of the Volkswagen Golf?


We have seen many standard vehicle additions over the years receive hybrid power train technology which has helped to boost their overall success across numerous markets world wide. So how can the hybrid technology benefit the Golf. Well firstly with a look into what you can expect to receive with the hybrid Golf being marketed as the GTE, we see that the Volkswagen brand have included the fitting of a 1.4 litre, four cylinder petrol engine which is of course joined along side by the electric motor.


A six speed,twin clutch,DSG transmission can also be found in the car which combined with the engine and motor sees the GTE produce a total power deliverance of 201 bhp. Thanks to these combinations, we see the Golf GTE hit an overall top speed limit of 138 miles per hour which is helped to reach it's destination by a 7.6 second sprint from the get go to 62 miles per hour. The GTE much like other Golf models is also only made available as a front wheel drive variant. The electric motor develops 101 brake horse power alone and will run on electricity alone for an average of thirty miles before the engine kicks in. A top speed of around 80mph can also be made achievable from the electric source. The Volkswagen brand have also confirmed that a brand new Polo GTE will be next in the line up too.


How much does the Golf GTE sell for?


The purchase price to come along with the brand new Golf GTE currently stands at £28,000 and we are delighted to deliver on the good news that GTE officially went on sale from last month and is available to drive away from Volkswagen dealerships up and down the country.  

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